Town of Hampton

is located 35 km northeast of Saint John, and is a small, friendly community with many points of interest and beautiful natural scenery. We are nestled on the Kennebecasis River, a tributary of the St. John River. The town’s rolling hills, waterways, farmland, wildlife and world-renowned marsh area reward visitors with a visual feast.

It's our nature! 


Lots of buzz being generated over the proposed Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility. In order for the facility to become a reality, there must be a funding partnership between the Provincial and Federal Governments and the communities that will use it. It is now time for the Local Service Districts (LSDs) to vote on whether they want to pay their share of the cost through property taxation. This would be a maximum increase of $30 per $100,000 of assessment. So basically a $45 per year increase on the average $150,000 home. Any increase in taxation would not take place until all funding was secure and the project had shovels in the ground. LSDs that vote not to participate will be subjected subject to a per person/per activity User Fee in addition to regular program fees to access activities, services and amenities at the new facility.  The LSDs involved in the vote are the LSD of Hampton (Darlings Island, Nauwigewauk, Fairmount, Lakeside, French Village, Smithtown and Titusville), LSD of Upham, LSD of Norton, a portion of the LSD of Springfield and a portion of the LSD of Kingston. Residents of the Town of Hampton are not required to vote on this matter as Hampton Town Council is committed to covering its portion of the cost through town taxes. Please encourage our friends, neighbours and co-workers that live in these areas to attend the vote on this important issue. Double Click here for more information on the proposed Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility.

Mayor & Council invite the public to tour the former Kings County Courthouse on Saturday April 2nd from 1-3 pm. Refreshments and
 the renovation plans 
will be available in 
Council Chambers, 
Lower Level of the 
Centennial Building