Hampton Fire-Rescue

Public Notice


All outdoor burning within the boundaries of the Town of Hampton must be accompanied by a valid burning permit.

A seven-day permit for general yard cleanup can be obtained in person only at the Town Office during normal business hours.

Season permits for outdoor stoves and fire pits can be obtained by calling the Fire Prevention Division at 832-6456 and arranging for a site visit (please leave message).

Permits will not be issued for the burning of garbage, construction/demolition debris, grass or leaves.

Persons found in violation of the policies of Hampton Fire - Rescue may be held liable for any damages or costs incurred and have their permit privileges revoked.

If you have any questions, please call the Fire Prevention Division at 832-6456 or visit our website at www.hamptonfirerescue.ca.


Visit the Hampton Fire and Rescue Website at:  www.hamptonfirerescue.ca

For all emergencies requiring immediate attention from the Fire Dept, call 911.

Contact Information for Personnel:

General Inquiries:

Fire Chief Roger Breau
Phone: (506)832-6457
Email: fire.chief@ofhampton.catown

Deputy Chief Mike Raeburn
Phone: (506)832-6410
Email: deputy.chief@townofhampton.ca

Captain Ed Crowley
Phone: (506)832-6456
Email: fire.prevention@townofhampton.ca

Training/Safety Officer, Division Chief Dan Rodgerson
Phone: (506) 832-6057
Email: fire.training@townofhampton.ca